Facebook and Memories

Q. What role does Facebook (and others) play in the archiving of our memories? Is it going to encourage users to print out their photos or ‘trust’ Facebook to store/archive them for ever? A.

Awareness Understanding Action

Q. Explanation of Awareness, Understanding and Action? A. The stages you have to take people through to create engagement in a issue……the potential to take a ‘viewer’ and make them a ‘doer’. Awareness – Understanding – Action –  

Conflict Tourist

Q. Who is the ‘official’ photographer in a modern conflict?…..What is the role of the public in capturing modern conflicts and impact on the local population?….Is there such a thing as the Conflict Tourist? A. tbc  


Q. The use of #hashtags by documentarians……how do they help to place a story into the public domain? Are they effective? How many should you add to a post on each social media channel? A. tbc

Platforms for Documentary Film Content

Q. You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Instagram (IGTV) – how is each used by documentary filmmakers or documentarians………which one is for the ‘serious’ documentarian….. the best one for public engagement / profile raising of their work or an issue of interest? A. tbc