Research Project: 0º-11º Parallel Lives

0°-11° Parallel Lives

be a documentarian….……..document your life!

Nicaragua – Ghana – Kenya – Sri Lanka – Cambodia

documenting life between The Equator 0° and 11° Parallel North

How has media technology innovation since 2000 democratized the role of documentarian?

Or…..How has the smartphone given ordinary global citizens the opportunity to document their daily lives and shape their own narrative?

The media structure that prevailed throughout the 20th century has now been in the throes of major seismic change for 10-15 years.

During this time the media landscape has evolved to include citizens journalism, user generated content and more recently, the phenomena known as ‘fake news’.

All the headlines have focused on the changing role of the journalist, the established media houses and the role of social media e.g. twitter, in how people consume news.

However, in amongst all this change, for many people it is not (and never was) about creating news but more about capturing what happened (to them) and trying to make sense of it all.

When you consider how many people live on the planet and the small percentage of these people who have a job role that puts them in the driving seat of capturing everything that is happening, I think you can see the appeal of social media and smartphones as people take control of their own storytelling…..taking on the role of documentarian.

It is this that I’m trying to discover.

The countries chosen – Nicaragua, Ghana, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Cambodia – are all located between the Equator and the 11th Parallel North…..hence the project name……0º-11º Parallel Lives.

The Doc Media Festival in 2018 will showcase content submitted from all the countries and the aim is to then take that content on-the-road for a pop-up Doc Media Festival with academic partners and organisations in each country.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals will provide a good backdrop to the research project and help each of the submissions to be viewed together under agreed themes.e.g. Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation etc.

Wish me luck! JC




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