Running 13.1 miles to raise £600….

There are now only three weeks remaining till the Leicester Half Marathon on Sunday 6th October.

I will be fundraising for 6 organizations in total, so the plan is to split the £600 between them, and then follow up on how the money is utilized by each. I will follow up each donation with a blog post and the overseas organizations will be visited over the next 12 months. Always plenty of negative media stories about how charities / NGOs misuse donations but not much about following up by donors to see how that money is used. I hope in some small way, it encourages people to get involved and realize they can really help people directly if they take the time to get involved.

Following the well-known maxim of ‘charity begins at home’, the first organization is Leicester Charity Link. I’ve known of the charity since the early Citizens Eye days back in 2008. Over the years both Tina and I have supported their work through a film screening in one of the many Doc Film Festivals and also participating in several ‘Wear a Funky Scarf to Work Day’ events. Always fun and interesting events for a good cause. It’s humbling to see how Susan McEniff (Director of Marketing & Fundraising) and Rachel Markham (Communications & Fundraising Officer), always manage to come up with new ideas, as well as deliver on their well-known annual favorites like the Leicestershire 3 Peaks – see their website for more details.

There are many important reasons to support their work but one always struck me as being rather unique…… for some people rather difficult to get their head around… every £10 that is donated enables them to unlock £50 from charitable trusts and every single penny goes to help local people and children in need. Therefore, in my case, the £100 will become £500. I think that is actually a little bit of magic that many charities could learn from.

I plan on doing the run in their t-shirt (photo soon) so please keep your eyes out for me and give a loud cheer/heckle or clap, as I weave my way around the 13.1 mile course, with my youngest son Elliot….he is the rather fitter looking version of me!

Check out the Charity Link website:

If you wish to make a donation, that would be greatly appreciated… is the Just Giving web page:





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