Awareness Understanding Action

Q. Explanation of Awareness, Understanding and Action? A. The stages you have to take people through to create engagement in a issue……the potential to take a ‘viewer’ and make them a ‘doer’. Awareness – Understanding – Action –   Advertisements

Conflict Tourist

Q. Who is the ‘official’ photographer in a modern conflict?…..What is the role of the public in capturing modern conflicts and impact on the local population?….Is there such a thing as the Conflict Tourist? A. tbc  


Q. The use of #hashtags by documentarians……how do they help to place a story into the public domain? Are they effective? How many should you add to a post on each social media channel? A. tbc

Platforms for Documentary Film Content

Q. You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Instagram (IGTV) – how is each used by documentary filmmakers or documentarians………which one is for the ‘serious’ documentarian….. the best one for public engagement / profile raising of their work or an issue of interest? A. tbc    

When Photographs Are Discovered

Q. What happens when a undiscovered photography collection is presented to the public…..does it change the original intention of the photographer? A. tbc Resources / Links: Vivian Maier Vivian Dorothy Maier was an American street photographer. Maier worked for about forty years as a nanny, mostly in Chicago’s North Shore, pursuing photography during her…


A good place to start is with a few definitions: documentarian noun a photographer specializing in producing a factual record. an expert analyst of historical documents. movies, Television.a filmmaker, producer, etc., who specializes in documentaries. a writer, photographer, or other artist whose work constitutes a document or documentary of an aspect of life. a person whose profession is to create documentary films. someone who insists upon recording every aspect of their life. one who believes in the importance and value of documents.