Doc Media Month 2017

Documentary Media Month (1st-30th November) is an annual programme of FREE events and workshops covering 4 areas:

  • documentary film
  • documentary photography
  • documentary audio
  • documentary new media

The 2017 theme is global citizens dedicated to showcasing real people, real places and real events around the world.

The documentary film programme is the 8th Leicester Docfilm Festival.

The Documentary Media Centre will be hosted on the 1st Floor of 10 Bishop Street, Leicester LE1 6AF – thanks to the Zinthiya Trust charity for the use of their space throughout November’s programme.

ALL events are FREE to attend.

Hashtag #docmedia2017

Featured documentary filmmakers: Paul Vernon / Curtis ChinNikolas Migut / Marie Vanderrusten

Christopher Michael-Tew

Featured documentary photographers: John Wambugu / Ata Mohammad Adnan / Poulomi Basu /

Christopher Michael-Tew / AfricanCityzens

Throughout the Documentary Media Centre programme we will have 80 minute ‘Think Tank LAB‘ sessions for student groups from University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Leicester College and Regent College.


1st November (Wednesday)

Launch event: Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College

2nd November (Thursday)

Can documentary film really bring about change?

3rd November (Friday)

Conflict Reporting…..’the first draft of history’……does anyone care?

4th November (Saturday)

Documentary Media Centre ‘Open Day’

5th November (Sunday)

Timberland store, Highcross event

6th November (Monday)

UN International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War & Conflict

7th November (Tuesday)

Documentary media exhibition – De Montfort University Kimberlin Library

8th November (Wednesday)

Documentary Media Podcast 2

9th November (Thursday)

‘TESTED’ – FREE film screening and Q&A with Writer/Director Curtis Chin.

10th November (Friday)

Homeless Film Festival 2017 showcase

11th November (Saturday)

Documentary Media Centre ‘Open Day’

12th November (Sunday)

MOOC: WW1 Heroism: Through Art and Film

13th November (Monday)

Community Media Cafe

14th November (Tuesday)

Leicester Masaya Link Group

15th November (Wednesday)

Documentary Media Podcast 3

16th November (Thursday)

Reportage Club ‘in conversation’ with Mark Wilson, Tell MAMA

17th November (Friday)

Lost In The Nameless City – 8th DocFilm Festival showcase

18th November (Saturday)

Polar Day – immersive documentary media exhibition

19th November (Sunday)

MOOC: Causes of Climate Change

20th November (Monday)

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs….what are they?

21st November (Tuesday)

Is mental health/illness depicted well on screen?

22nd November (Wednesday)

Documentary Media Podcast 4

23rd November (Thursday)

Photojournalism… it dead yet?

24th November (Friday)

Beautiful Democracy’ – NZ pro-democracy documentary 

25th November (Saturday)

UN Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

26th November (Sunday)

MOOC: Understanding Violence Against Women: Myths and Realities

27th November (Monday)

Museum of Community Media

28th November (Tuesday)

Interested in starting your own film festival?

29th November (Wednesday)

Documentary Media Podcast 5

30th November (Thursday)

Documentary Media Month Review








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