Immersive Storytelling

Q. Can the use of ‘new’ immersive storytelling techniques e.g. AR/VR/360° affect a ‘viewer’ to take action……make them into a ‘doer’? A. These are ’empathy technologies’…..In The Better Angels of Our Nature, Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker makes the case for reading as a “technology for perspective-taking” that has the capacity to not only evoke people’s empathy but also expand…

Facebook and Memories

Q. What role does Facebook (and others) play in the archiving of our memories? Is it going to encourage users to print out their photos or ‘trust’ Facebook to store/archive them for ever? A.

Awareness Understanding Action

Q. Explanation of Awareness, Understanding and Action? A. The stages you have to take people through to create engagement in a issue……the potential to take a ‘viewer’ and make them a ‘doer’. Awareness – Understanding – Action –